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Last month I’ve been on and off OS X development, tidying up loose ends and cleaning stuff up. Here is short summary of my activity:

  • MLSwitcher has been updated to 2.0 and then to 2.1 getting additional functions and numerous localizations along the path.
  • Fb2Epub application has been released. It’s just like my web service, but with batch mode, faster and does not require internet connection.
  • Audiobook Binder turns 1.16. More on it in next post.

I’m planning on taking sabbatical for couple of months and share my time between wearing FreeBSD kernel hacker hat and the career of aspiring indie developer.
Part of the plan is to get rid of dead projects, start new and clean-up the ones that are still used by people.

Namely “KnockOnD is still gets several downloads a day with occasional spikes I can’t explain. It was my first project for iPhone, second or third Obj-C project so there’s quite a few dumb mistakes in code of which I am ashamed and never came around to fix.

xcs, ruby script for controlling Xcode projects from command line gathered some user base as well. The problem is it works for Xcode3 but Xcode3 is practically a fossil by IT time scale and some of applescript actions are still missing in Xcode4. So I decided to drop apple script, rewrite it in Objective C and work with .pbxproj directly. File format is simple enough so I’m fairly sure this approach will work. The project was named after its predecessor: xcs-objc.

Audiobook Binder will get its own blog post and the rest of the projects were either jokes or simple weekend-projects nobody cares of any more. Including myself. Their place is in the attic and that’s exactly where they’ll be put as a part of proverbial spring cleaning.